What is the schedule? 

L'Etoile follows the same calendar as public schools in France. There are five teaching periods separated by breaks, occurring in October, December, February, and April (Spring Break). In addition, some national holidays are observed (Labor Day, MLK Day, and Memorial Day). Optional, fee-based care is available during the breaks in October and February. The academic year is from September to mid-June. You can find our 2017-2018 school calendar here.

What is the 2017-2018 tuition? 

Please refer to our 2017-2018 fee schedule here.

What are the school hours? 

School hours are from 8:30am-3pm. Half day pick up (for preschool and pre-k classes only) is at 12:20p. There is free early drop off at 7:30am. 

Does my child need to speak French in order to attend? 

Children entering preschool or kindergarten do not need any prior knowledge of French. Students entering grades 1-5 must demonstrate that they have sufficient French proficiency for the given grade. 

Does L'Etoile serve a hot lunch?

Families have the option of ordering healthy hot lunches, Monday through Friday, for an additional fee. Serah Tannenholz, owner of The Open Window, prepares and delivers these lunches to the school. Otherwise, families are asked to provide a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack (if staying in after care) for their child. 

Is there after care? 

Yes, from 3-6pm. All ages are welcome, and students be enrolled in the school to attend our general aftercare program. For students enrolled in L’Etoile, after care is $7.50/ hour or a maximum of $300/mo. 

Do you offer extra-curricular classes after school?

Yes, we have several after school classes. These classes are fee-based, and enrollment at L'Etoile is not required to participate. Examples of classes include art, soccer, gymnastics, lego robotics, circus arts, piano lessons, ukulele lessons and more. Classes are offered in French and in English. 

Does L'Etoile fundraise?

No. We believe it is better to be transparent about what families are expected to pay. All costs are covered in the base tuition and activity fee, excluding any overnight trips.

Is L'Etoile accredited? What is the curriculum? 

We are accredited by the French Ministry of Education. For more information on the accreditation criteria, please see The Association of French Schools in North America and the French Ministry of Education websites.

The French Ministry of Education curriculum is organized as a series of multi-year “Cycles”, during which time students acquire specific knowledge and demonstrate given competencies. This concept acknowledges that learning occurs in a different way, and at a different pace, in every child. The Ministry divides the "maternelle" into 3 grades: Petite Section (preschool), Moyenne Section (pre-k), and Grande Section (kindergarten). After that students move on to the Primary School, which includes grades 1 - 5 (CP - CM2). 

At least 90% of our teachers are certified through the French Ministry of Education.

What is the age minimum? 

We enroll children beginning at 2.5 years who are potty-trained. 

Does L'Etoile have a covered play area? 

Yes, we have an indoor gym at Hood Avenue and at Fulton Park.

Where are the elementary grades located? What is L'Etoile's relation to the Fulton Park Community Center? 

L’Etoile’s grade school is located at the former Fulton Park Elementary School, one mile from the preschool location at Hood Avenue. Most recently this location served as the site of the Fulton Park Community Center, but its use for Portland Parks programs ceased in 2012. At that time L’Etoile partnered with Portland Parks to bring Fulton back to its original function as a grade school, while continuing its tradition of offering its auditorium as a gathering place for neighborhood and civic groups during non-school hours.